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Street drinking measures to be extended

Boston's measures to prevent street drinking are to be extended by another three years.

The current order, which seeks to prevent consumption of alcohol in some public places, expires next January, after a period of three years. It has to be extended after that expiry period.

The Public Spaces Protection Order in force in Boston town centre means that alcohol should not be consumed in the open in that area.

A policeman can demand that anyone caught drinking alcohol tips it away or hands it over. Failure to meet this request will then be an offence. They can be fined up to £500.

Five who were regularly caught in possession of alcohol, but who did accede to a police officer's request to stop drinking, have been dealt with by Boston Borough Council under different anti-social behaviour, and found themselves in court.

Since Boston was one of the first in the country to introduce the street drinking control order in January, 2015, 786 drinkers have been dealt with. Only 82 of those 786 have been repeat offenders. None have breached the order, stopping drinking when told to do so.