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Prosperous Boston work praised

A task group which has spent almost two years investigating ways in which Boston could be more prosperous has been praised by councillors.

The Prosperous Boston group, and all who assisted their enquiries, were thanked by Boston Borough Council's Cabinet, which said the final report was an excellent piece of work.

Some of the recommendations supported by the group have already been actioned, including the launch of a new website assisting and encouraging those who want to visit Boston .

Cabinet agreed that a policy should be drawn up for private sponsorship and advertising  to support the  website and other council operations.

The review was completed in three stages, taking evidence from all-comers about shops, the market and public toilets, car parking, cleanliness and antisocial behaviour, provision of flora and art and transport links and tourism, events, promotion and accommodation.

Cabinet members heard that feedback highlighted the need for better signage to toilets, a better web presence, smarter promotion for markets and events and an increase in the number and variety of events.

Already the number of public toilets in town has been increased, the number of environmental enforcement officers had been increased and more events had been held. New signage and information boards for visitors had been installed and there had been improved landscaping.