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Council tax scammers - they're still at it

The cheek! A borough resident who alerted us to a council tax scam has been cold called by the scammers again - who took offence when he told them he knew it was a scam.

The resident said: "I had another call today from a different person who was very shirty when I said that I thought this was a scam."

On the first attempt they tried to collect a £79 fee from him, suggesting he could be paying too much council tax and might be due a refund.

He said the woman, who claimed to be from a company called Tax Review Services,  was sufficiently plausible, so he agreed to pay the £79, but then grew suspicious.

He contacted Boston Borough Council for advice and then contacted his bank to cancel the transaction.

A council spokesman said: "Any mention of making a charge for such a service should raise alarm bells with residents and we would actively discourage parting with your hard-earned cash before you have spoken to us here at the council. If you think that you are paying the wrong amount of council tax then please do get in touch and we will be happy to offer advice and guidance and any refund, completely free of charge."