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Magic happens... find the Central Park fairies' homes

Sssshhh! There are fairies snoozing in Central Park. They need to get their rest in - they have a busy time coming up helping Santa and the elves over the Christmas period.

Their secret little homes in Central Park are only revealed very occasionally - and one of this year's magical day is Saturday, December 9, when the tiny front doors to their homes will appear.

You can join in the Fairy Door Hunt on that day from 11am to 3pm. For just £2 per child they will each receive their special fairy passport and fairy dust along with clues to help find the magic doors.

Book to join in the fairy fun at and bring your booking confirmation with you on the day. Under 12s must be accompanied by an adult. Children can dress up for the occasion. Only adults accompanied by a child will also have the ability to spot the secret fairy doors.

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