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Need help to pay your council tax?

A scheme to support those in need to pay their council tax has been recommended for approval by Boston Borough Council's Cabinet.

The scheme is reviewed every year and options go out for consultation with the public.

Taking into account comments received the Cabinet agreed to recommend to the full council that the current scheme continues.

Under the current scheme there is assistance for working-age residents who need help to pay their council tax. Those who are eligible can claim a discount of up to 75 per cent - pensioners and war widows of all ages qualify for up to 100 per cent.

Some small technical changes to align the scheme with the national position were implemented in 2016/17 and these will also be continued. These include those who are self employed meeting a minimum income level, a maximum one-month  backdate period for working-age claims, no family premium for new claims as wells as continuing with the abolition of the second adult rebate. This is where a working age person whose income is too high to qualify for main Council Tax Support previously received a reduction of council tax of up to 25 per cent if other adults in the household were below the income threshold.

Council Tax Support will also continue to be capped at the level which can be claimed up to a band D property.

Around 2,700 households receive council tax support.

The council will consider the recommendation in January for implementation in April 2018.