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Last Christmas bid to get you to donate this Christmas

Boston Borough Council deputy leader and finance chief Aaron Spencer is used to dealing with the serious side of local politics... but he also has a much less serious side and has released his second Christmas fundraising video.

Together with his friend, Jack Cunnington, their tongue-in-cheek "Last Christmas" video will again raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

In 2014 Aaron and his band Hydrobats released their music video to raise funds in memory of Aaron's grandfather, who died from a heart condition the previous Christmas.

They covered Slade's "Merry Xmas Everybody".

Aaron and Jack took themselves off into the wilds of Derbyshire on what looks like a very cold, grey, windy and foggy day to record their version of George Michael and Wham's long-lived Christmas hit.

Aaron and Jack ape the pseudo home-filmed style of the original Wham video in which George, Andrew Ridgeley and friends enjoy a Christmas skiing holiday.

The fundraising video is launched under the banner of Aaron and Jack's Pizza Games Funtimes YouTube channel with the aim of raising £1,000. See it here

Wham Last Christmas Charity video

You can make a donation to the British Heart Foundation via

"We've done it all tongue-in cheek, taking the mickey out of ourselves and we've made ourselves look absolute idiots but we enjoyed making it," said Aaron

Some of the Pizza Games Funtimes YouTube videos have had more than 58,000 views.