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Business views sought on Boston markets

Since the granting of the Charter of Incorporation in 1545 by Edward VI, Boston's markets have been an integral part of the prosperity of the town.

There is an important link between the market businesses which sweep into town twice a week and the wide-ranging businesses which operate permanently seven days a week. There is also great affection for the market by the residents of the borough who loyally support the traders year after year.

Wednesdays and Saturdays are market days, and they are also the busiest days of the week for businesses. The markets also swell visitor numbers into the town centre, footfall increases and all benefit.  

Cllr Judith Skinner has led a recent large-scale review group committed to making Boston more prosperous, and the group now wants to know what the market means to both local visitors and the people of Boston.

Cllr Skinner asks: "Please help us to make this a vibrant market fit for the future."

Businesses are invited to make their views known using this link to a survey

The views of residents are equally as important and they too are invited to make their views know using this link to a survey

Hard copies of all the surveys are available from Boston Borough Council's reception at the offices in West Street.

For further information in respect of this review please contact Karen Rist Democratic Services Officer on 01205 314226 or email

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