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Development Management Privacy Statement

Development Management process and store a large volume of information and personal details.

This statement sets out the types of information that we deal with, how it is stored, displayed and disposed of in accordance with the current data privacy laws;

Submission of a Planning Application

Planning Applications are held as a public register as required by the Development Management Procedure Order 2015. The register must be kept indefinitely and is held on the Planning Database (APAS). This information is also published on our website with the exception of;

If you are submitting supporting information which you consider as being confidential or wish to be specifically withheld from Public Register, it would appreciated if you brought this to our attention.

Commenting on a Planning Application (neighbour and other third party representations)

Third party representations are important material considerations in the determination of any type of application.

Representations are held on the Planning Database (APAS) along with contact information, if it has been provided. It is our policy to publish representations received in relation to a Planning Application on the online planning register, or provide copies to anyone who makes such a request. The following information would be withheld;

Our Technical Support Team has received training to identify information or details which should not be publically available and our software enables us to redact such details prior to publishing. If you believe that we have published information that we shouldn't have, please bring this to our attention at the earliest opportunity.

Pre-application Advice

By the submission of a Pre-application enquiry, it is assumed that you are consenting to the Boston Borough Council Development Management Team recording and storing the information that you have provided with your enquiry.

Enquiries are stored electronically within the Planning Database, APAS. Pre-application enquiries are treated confidentially. We will carry out the required consultations to be able to provide a thorough response to enquiries, however, enquiry details are not disclosed to any other parties, nor displayed on our website.