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RECYCLING: No need to panic

A full-colour guide to recycling in Boston borough will be sent to ALL households with their council tax bills next month (March). If you follow the basics contained within the guide you will not go wrong.

It will be the same guide that has been available on the council website for years and can be seen at

You can also pick up a copy of the leaflet from the council's reception office in West Street.

The new regulations to deal with those who contaminate their recycling bins are aimed at serious and repeat offenders, who have been known to put dirty nappies, used hypodermic needles and food waste into their blue bins.

Householders will not be penalised for the odd minor infringement, so please do not be put off from recycling. Contamination rates in the borough have risen to 35 per cent and this is unsustainable.

The more we fail to recycle and the more we send to the Energy From Waste plant (the modern alternative to landfill) which could have long term cost implications for the Council. Remember, it is also good for the environment to re-use items made from material which can be used again.There will be a sustained period of education and information before the enforcement campaign begins.