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Could you be a magistrate?

More local people from all walks of life are being encouraged to consider becoming a magistrate so that the diversity of communities continues to be reflected.

Lincolnshire's judiciary is to recruit up to 20 new magistrates this Spring. For an application form or if you'd like to know more go to

Forms can only be submitted between March 26 and April 23, with a cap on the first 60 applications received. 

Completed applications should be sent to the Secretary to the Lincolnshire Advisory Committee at   

To be considered:

•           You must be over 18 and under 65;

•           You do not need formal qualifications or legal training - there is full training for the role and a legal adviser in court;

•           You need to hear clearly, with or without a hearing aid, to listen to a case, and be able to sit and concentrate for long periods of time;

•           You need to show you possess the right personal qualities and be of good character;

•           You need to commit to a minimum of 13 days, or 26 half-days, a year in court plus training etc. Employers must, by law, allow you reasonable time off work to serve as a magistrate;

•           The role of Magistrate is voluntary though specified expenses are reimbursed;

•           There are a few jobs where there is a conflict of interest (eg police officers and other law enforcement agencies).

Phone David Milner-Scudder JP on 07437 012788 if you need to know more after you have visited the website.