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Boston Marathon: Warm up and 'chipped' timing for all runners

Runners have until the end of this month to register for the Boston Marathon which takes place on Sunday, April 15.

The event is growing in popularity, especially with those aiming for a personal best time on the flattest marathon course in the world; it inclines to just over 11 feet over the full distance of just over 26 miles.

Pre-race warm-ups have been introduced for this year - 8.30am to 8.45am for full marathon runners and from 8.45am to 9am for half marathon and fun runners.

And all finishers will receive a medal and a limited edition Tech T-shirt with a retail value of £25. Not bad when you consider it costs only £3 for 12 to 17-year-old runners to enter.

All runners who register in all classes, including fun runners,  will receive through the post a race number for their running shirt. It will contain a chip which will automatically time them from the moment they pass through the start gate to the instant they cross the finish line.

The fun run is a three-mile (5,000 metres) course, incorporating the first 1.5 mile and last mile of the marathon route (connected by a 0.6 mile stretch of White House Lane). It is open to all over 12-years-old.

To register and for more information go to

The marathon has gone from strength to strength since being reintroduced two years ago. Last year's event attracted runners from all over the country and visiting athletes from America, Canada, Germany, France, Hungary, Belarus, Jordan and India. It saw the entry rise from 350 in 2016 to 771 in 2017.

This year's event will take place the day before the Boston Marathon in the daughter city in America. It is anticipated that the entry will break through the 1,000 barrier. It will start in Boston Market Place at 9am and the finish line will be at Boston College. Prize values have been increased for this year.