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Sharon's already a Boston Marathon winner

Sharon Gallichan is the lucky Boston Marathon UK 1,000th entrant, so wins free admission to this year's event.

Registering for the full marathon at 7.41 on Sunday evening Sharon became the 1000th applicant and receives free entry into the 2018 Boston Marathon UK. She lives in Boston and runs with the Skegness and District Running Club. She ran the 2016 Boston UK Half Marathon.
She said: "My friend and I entered the London Marathon and we said that if we didn't get in we would do Boston instead. Neither of us got a London place so decided to train for Boston. I have been a regular runner for about 19 years but recently haven't run any big distances or races, I've just been running for fitness and fun.

"Towards the end of last year we started to train for Boston, running three or four times a week with one long one and increasing the distance by a mile or so every week. With an 18-miler under our belts we decided to enter. I don't really follow any special diet, I just try to eat healthily most of the time and eat plenty to fuel the long runs. Belonging to a club is great as there are always people to encourage you and get advice from."

There are still plenty of places left - for the full marathon, half marathon and the fun run.

But you only have until the end of this month to register for the event, which takes place on Sunday, April 15.

All finishers will receive a medal and a limited edition Tech T-shirt with a retail value of £25. Not bad when you consider it costs only £3 for 12 to 17-year-old runners to enter.

All runners who register in all classes, including fun runners, will receive through the post a race number for their running shirt. It will contain a chip which will automatically time them from the moment they pass through the start gate to the instant they cross the finish line.

The fun run is a three-mile (5,000 metres) course, incorporating the first 1.5 mile and last mile of the marathon route (connected by a 0.6 mile stretch of White House Lane). It is open to all over 12-years-old.

To register and for more information go to