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YOU cleaned up - thank you

The 11th annual Big Boston Clean Up has been judged a great success - by organisers, volunteers who took part and by YOU.

A lot of love has been shown for the four-day campaign to clean up the town by a small army of mainly volunteers, with many messages of thanks and support on social media.

Here's just a sample of some of those posted on Facebook:

Alison Barnes: Well done guys.

Hope Jones Griffin: Well done. I have just driven thru town and it is looking very tidy!

Ingrida Ĺ abunina: Well done!!! Glad to see it, and yes true town looking very tidy. Thank you!

Jonathan Scrog Ellis: Fantastic job everyone.

Julie Chapman: Well done. Came down Lister Way tonight and saw the bags waiting for collection i initially thought someone had fly tipped so the air was blue then i cottoned on lol.

Alison Smith: Good work!

Vanessa Ann Davie: Fantastic effort.

Natalie Goulding: Well done to all making a difference.

June Spouncer: Well done and thank you.

Tara Ingamells: So nice to see people helping out and keeping their community clean.

Natalie Goulding: Well done for your efforts.

Sam Ingamells: Saw them yesterday, well done everyone.

Yvonne Dunmore: Seen them this morning on John Adams Way well done everyone.

Ruth Fielder: Thank you to all concerned. I once read that the person who picks up litter is more worthy than the person who dropped it.

Brian Weekes: Nice one, saw you guys out this morn.

Kevin Porter: Been down our road this morning. Well done and thanks.

Richard Telford: Well done everybody.

Karena Hall: Well done to everyone.

Helen Bontoft: I see them today near Asdas today done a brilliant job each person had a bag full of rubbish well done everyonex

More good news was that volunteer litter pickers reported much less rubbish to collect than in previous years.

When the clean-up began in 2008 a total of 10.6 tonnes of rubbish was lifted from Boston's streets, verges, open spaces and waterways.

This year, with volunteer numbers staying up, the total had reduced to just 3.8 tonnes, demonstrating that the town is becoming much cleaner.

Boston Borough Council's and Boston Town Area Committee's street-cleaning/improvement staff acted as group leaders taking out volunteers to zoned areas of town each day.  They were joined by members of the public, some of whom show up every year, other council staff and elected members, staff from businesses such as Freshtime, Asda, Lincolnshire Co-op and Network Rail, from other town businesses such as Calders and Grandidge and from partner organisations such as Boston Police, the Environment Agency and Black Sluice Internal Drainage Board.  A big thank you to ASDA and Freshtime who were the main sponsors for this event and provided lunches and equipment for all the volunteers.

Clean-up organiser Jen Moore, Boston Borough Council's environment and sustainability officer, thanked all who had helped and said it was good that the evidence, despite the perception of some, was that the town is becoming steadily cleaner each year.

She said some regular helpers had asked if they could be sent to "really grotty areas" so they had something more to do.

Cigarette litter is now the biggest issue - in a sense the absence of more visible rubbish makes the thousands of cigarette ends show up even more.

Jen said: "There has to be a major change of mindset so far as cigarette ends are concerned. It has to be recognised that they are litter and smokers need to change their habits. They can no longer throw a cigarette end down without a care."

Many have found that throwing down a cigarette end has cost them £75 - the fixed penalty for littering.

Since the council enlisted additional enforcement help from 3GS in April 2017 812 fixed penalty fines have been issued - the majority for cigarette litter.

No Big Boston Clean Up campaign could work without volunteers, sponsors and a team in the background, so thanks to:

Asda, Freshtime, Lincolnshire Co-op, Boston Big Local, Fydell House, Zion Methodist Church, Centenary Methodist Church, Holy Trinity Church, Boston in Bloom, the Probation Service, Boston Police Cadets, Boston Barrier Team, Boston Baptist Church, Centrepoint Outreach, Thistles, Tulip, Boston Mayflower, Framework, North Sea Camp, Inspire, Chris Banks, Emma Butler, Aaron Banks, Jade Banks, George Bernard, Kayleigh Wagg and, of course, every single person who litter picked the town clean.

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The Centrepoint Outreach team