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Frank gives garden waste service the thumbs-up

Frank Kerr's brown bin saves him money and time and a mess in his car. This season Frank's bin is even better value - he was one of ten lucky winners of a free year's worth of kerbside garden waste collections from Boston Borough Council.

Frank, who lives in Swineshead and keeps his front and back gardens neat and tidy, has been a brown bin user from the start of the service.

He said: "I used to bag my garden waste and take it to the tip at Slippery Gowt in my car. But you don't really want that in your car if you are trying to keep it clean. I had no hesitation when the collection service was introduced. It pays for itself in the fuel I don't use making frequent trips to the tip and saves time.

"Last year I stood in the queue to pay and thought it would be good if there was an easier way, so I was pleased to pay by direct debit this time. I pay all my bills that way - it's easy and you don't forget to pay."

This year's garden waste collections began at the start of this month. They continue until November and then resume in February until end of March with bins collected fortnightly, and there is still time to sign up.

You can do this online at If you have not used the service before you will have to pay for your brown bin (£25 delivered to your door) and then the annual service charge of £30 - no increase from last year. If you have a large garden you can more than a single bin. The additional charge for emptying more than one bin is £15 per additional bin. If you have a small garden you can always share a bin, and the cost with a neighbour.

Garden waste MUST NOT be placed in the green bin and should be taken down to the new Household Waste Recycling Centre in Bittern Way, or home composted (compost bins can be purchased at a reduced price by going online at or by calling 0844 5714444).

You can put grass cuttings, hedge and tree cuttings, weeds, prunings and leaves

Last year's garden waste collections generated 5,000 tonnes of waste sent for recycling into compost.

The other nine winners are: Bryan Short, Swineshead; Gordon Manning, Kirton End; Rodney Basham, Boston; Steven Cooper, Boston; Martin Lonsdale, Kirton; Beverley Hippisley, Old Leake; Sue Adshead, Bicker; Lisa Cashmore, Swineshead and Lorraine Noone, Boston

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Frank Kerr, keeping his Swineshead garden tidy and making good use of his brown bin