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Boston students make first UK exchange trip to Poland

A chat in a corridor after a meeting at Boston Borough Council's offices hatched an idea which has led to the country's first UK-wide Polish exchange programme.

Boston Community Inspector Andy Morrice spoke with Karolina Kowalczyk, the Vice Consul at the Polish Embassy, as part of his community cohesion work to see if an exchange trip between students in Boston and in Poland could be organised.

He said: "Karolina met with me, and agreed that the Consulate would fund the project, if I could provide some school contacts. John McHenry, head teacher at Boston Grammar School, and Kinga Szymiczek at the Polish school, were keen to get involved and I was able to facilitate a meeting at the grammar school for all parties.

"As a result of this meeting the first ever exchange programme was devised, and the kids are out there right now. This has never been done anywhere in the UK before.

"The whole point of this exchange was to break down barriers, allow some local kids to see Poland for themselves, but also to allow some Polish kids to see Poland for the first time.

 "What started as a chat in a corridor, has ended with an amazing experience for a group of kids from two schools, which will hopefully turn into a yearly event. I am sure we have built more bridges between Poland and the UK."

The exchange students have been shown the Wieliczka Salt Mine, Wawel Castle, Kraków Old Town and much more.

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