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Boston features in Pilgrim Fathers film

Boston's historic links with the Pilgrim Fathers are receiving global exposure with a rave review by a visiting American travel journalist and a new film about the Mayflower400 National Trail.

Dennis Lennox writes about the opportunities that the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrim Fathers leaving England for America presents for those on both sides of the Atlantic.


He writes: "Along the way, I stopped in Boston, the namesake of Boston, Massachusetts. In the original Boston, I discovered the finely preserved circa 14th century Guildhall, including the cells where William Bradford, arguably the most famous of Mayflower passengers, and other Pilgrim leaders were jailed after attempting to leave for the Netherlands in 1607. I also explored St. Botolph's Church, which rivals some cathedrals in size, and saw the pulpit used by John Cotton, a firebrand Puritan clergyman."

You can read his full report here

The new short film  - Mayflower400 National Trail - Exploring Pilgrim Roots - follows the journey of the Pilgrims, and their journey through this region.It was in 1607 at Scotia Creek, near Fishtoft, that the group made their first attempt to leave the country to seek religious freedom abroad.

They had chartered a ship to sail across the North Sea to Holland but they were double crossed and arrested by awaiting militia who transported them to Boston where they were held and tried in Boston Guildhall.

The film also highlights Boston's other great American association when, in the 1630's, under the influence of Boston's charismatic preacher, the Rev John Cotton, as much as ten per cent of the town's population left for a new life in the New World and founded Boston, Massachusetts.

The film features the Pilgrim Fathers' Memorial, the Guildhall cells, archived documents at the Guildhall, Dolphin Lane, the Market Place, St Botolph's Church (Boston Stump), the pulpit from which the Rev John Cotton preached to the Boston congregation, ,

This, and other films showcasing the National Mayflower 400 visitor offer can be found at

Cllr Claire Rylott, Boston Borough Council's portfolio holder for tourism, said: "I am so pleased that Boston is getting the exposure it so richly deserves. It has a fascinating place in this historical story which literally changed the world. From a history and heritage perspective Boston has so much to offer, so it is brilliant that word is going out at home and abroad."