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Ben (9) speaks up for Boston

A pupil at Boston's St George's Preparatory School is proud of his town and wants the world to know it.

Ben Smith (9), a Year 4 pupil in Cedar Class at the school, met the challenge of marking the first anniversary of the Manchester bombing, by writing a poem reflecting the "This Is Manchester" theme.

His location choice for "This Is The Place" was his home town.

Ben's poem has attracted many positive comments on social media. Here's Ben's poem:

This is the place in the East of England,  
We've got history, churches and so much more,
We've got fish 'n' chips and sausages galore.

We're based in the Lincolnshire Fens,
We do many sports including football,
We had England's second Guildhall.

Our town was the 14th century European trade centre,
We've been experiencing floods forever,
Yet that doesn't stop us as it only brightens our spirits.

We had the second largest English sea port,
It sent ships all over Europe,
Yet no one remembers us as a great town.

We are an historic market town,
At the fair there's always a clown,
The Boston Belle goes up and down,
The wonderful river of this wonderful town.

So here it is the poem of Boston,
Although some may say it's rotten,
That doesn't get us Bostonians down,
As we have hope in this amazing town! 

May 22nd, 2018. In memory of those lost in Manchester on this date last year. Let's be proud of our home town.

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Ben reads his "This Is The Place" poem about Boston to the school.