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Revoked licence for local curry house

Boston Borough Council's Licensing Sub-Committee has revoked the premises licence for the Rose of Bengal restaurant on West Street, Boston.

A licence review hearing was held on Tuesday (14 August 2018) and following the evidence presented by Lincolnshire Police Alcohol Licensing Team the decision to revoke the licence was made by the sub-committee.

The review followed a raid on 7 June 2014 by officers from the Police Alcohol Licence Team and Home Office Immigration. Acting on direct intelligence officers attended and searched the restaurant. Three immigration offenders were found in the kitchen and dining area. One of whom was working at the restaurant as a waiter for over five months. The owner of the restaurant admitted he had failed to complete the lawful checks on the male's status to work, whilst paying him no wages - only providing him with food and accommodation.

Owner, Mr Rahman Nurul Karim's legal representative informed the sub-committee as to the personal circumstances that were occurring around the time of employment of the relevant worker and the months thereafter, and also confirmed to the sub-committee that the necessary checks have been undertaken in relation to all other employees, and how the records could be produced to the sub-committee should they require. 

The sub-committee agreed with the police that the restaurant was undermining the licensing objectives in relation to the prevention of crime and disorder and public safety.

Boston Borough Council's Principal Licensing officer, Fiona White, said: "We are committed to ensuring licensed premises operate within the requirements of the law and take any failure to promote the licensing objectives seriously."

Chairman of the sub-committee, Cllr James Edwards, said: "We hope that this sends a clear message to others who are considering involvement in illegal activity. The joint operations were all intelligence-led, involving premises in which we have received information that persons are illegally in the country. We and the Police would actively encourage members of the public to come forward with any information by contacting their local policing teams or ringing Crimestoppers anonymously."