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Triton Knoll £1.5m Community Fund is up and running

innogy's Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm has officially launched its £1.5million two-part Community Fund (The Fund) with an initial £500,000 to support local community projects and priorities over the two years of onshore construction.

Once generating, the wind farm will then initiate a second fund, worth £40,000 a year, which will support projects and initiatives proposed by those communities which are closest to the new onshore substation and landfall sites.

The Fund will provide flexible and targeted new investment for local initiatives, with a very focused emphasis on the communities neighbouring the new onshore substation at Bicker Fen and the landfall site near Anderby Creek;  while the construction fund will also support those within 1km of the onshore cable route.

innogy's Triton Knoll Project Director Julian Garnsey, said: "I'm really pleased to see The Fund finally up and running, and am looking forward to seeing the first round of projects come into being. Funding like this can be hugely important to small local communities - it's really flexible and can be focused on the things that matter most to local people.

"Throughout our local consultation, it was clear that the funding should support those communities neighbouring the Triton Knoll onshore construction works, so that's exactly what we are delivering. By directly targeting this funding at our closest communities, we can provide greater benefits to local people, and so we look forward to receiving those first applications."

Matt Warman MP said it was an important opportunity for nearby communities to seek to deliver important local projects.  He said: "This is targeted funding intended to support local areas directly, and has been designed to address the issues and needs raised by the communities themselves. It will be managed locally, and delivered locally, and so I would absolutely urge community groups to take the time to find out about the fund, look at what it can do, and get involved. It's a great opportunity and I'm looking forward to seeing the first projects come to fruition in the coming months."

The structure of the fund, including its themes and areas of benefit were established following a second consultation with local people, which ended earlier this year. The Fund structure was then outlined to local communities during  Public Information Days run by the project team in Lincolnshire  during June.

Lincolnshire Community Foundation (LCF) has been appointed to administer the fund on behalf of local people, and will rely on its many years of experience operating across Lincolnshire to ensure the funding is delivered through an independent, simple, open and transparent process.

Lincolnshire Community Foundation CEO Sue Fortune said: "The Lincolnshire Community Foundation is delighted to have been invited to deliver this fund and is looking forward to supporting organisations interested in applying for a grant.  Staff will be available at every step of the process and we would encourage groups to contact us to discuss their project before applying.  The aim of the fund is to transform local communities and have a long lasting impact."

The LCF's first job will be to recruit a volunteer decision-making panel from amongst the communities closest to the new infrastructure, and is inviting applications from local people to join the panel and take a key role in making decisions on applications to the fund.

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