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Make a Christmas card to send to Japan

For the last 24 years Boston and Hakusan City have enjoyed close links through the Hakusan City Exchange programme.

Hakusan City enjoy close links with Boston and are very keen to maintain and develop these important close ties.

Linked to their close friendship with Japan, in the next three to four weeks Boston expects to receive around 30 greetings cards from a group of Japanese children aged 11-12 years looking to make a friend outside of their country.

We are looking for children aged 9, 10 and 11 that would like to receive a Japan Greetings Card and who are willing to make their own card for sending back to Japan before Christmas.

If your son/daughter/child would like to make a friend in Japan and to receive a Greetings Card before making their own Greetings Card in return, please contact Clare and Steve at

Greetings cards will be allocated on a first response basis.