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Rollout of new litter bins

After a recent review of town centre litter bins, a 12-week programme to replace existing bins has started this month after funding approval by Boston Town Area Committee (BTAC) of £22,410 to purchase 90 litter bins for installation in the main town centre areas.

The review was aimed at identifying ways of improving the current litter issues and specifically the cigarette-related litter we have within the town centre.

After looking over data from our enforcement partners 3GS showing 71% or 567 fixed penalty notices that were served in 2017/18 related to discarded cigarette ends. Most of this enforcement activity took place in the town centre.

Boston borough currently has just over 562 litter bins and the review highlighted areas where the cigarette-related litter were the worst, not surprisingly, in the town centre. Many of the existing street litter bin designs encourage smokers to extinguish their cigarettes and leave them on top of the bins. Hence the problems of cigarette litter.

The recommendation to replace the current stock was taken to BTAC  in June to replace these with an integral ash tray capable of containing stubbed out cigarette butts, in situ, and eliminating any risk of fire. At 120 litre capacity bins have been selected for their superior, robust build quality and require virtually no maintenance.

They are each fitted with consistent branding providing a cohesive and consistent street scene and a positive impression to people that live, work and visit Boston.

The bins that these will replace will be refurbished wherever possible and used in other areas around the borough, making considerable savings going forward replacing damaged/worn out bins.

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