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Don't have a rubbish Christmas

Christmas is a busy time for generating additional recycling and rubbish material.

In the run up and after Christmas most households will have leftovers, packaging and wrapping to get rid of.

Turkey carcasses and other leftovers must never go into your blue bin for recycling. Any food waste causes major problems, contaminating the rest of the properly recycled items, so please put it all in your green bin.

Natural Christmas trees can be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre in Bittern Way, collected (see or put in your garden waste.

With so many different types and materials used in modern wrapping paper, it's best to throw it all out with your green bin rubbish.

Cardboard boxes are perfect recycling, but please keep them clean and dry and squash them flat where possible.

Many may have used batteries after Christmas - perhaps used to power the children's Christmas presents. Batteries must NEVER be placed in any bin, They have started fires at the waste transfer station and in the bin lorries. These can be properly disposed of at collection points in most bigger supermarkets and shops. There is also a batteries collection point in Municipal Buildings.

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