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Tops for food hygiene

Boston Borough Council's environmental health officers have made more routine examinations of food premises and awarded top food hygiene ratings to some.

The latest to be awarded the highest 5 rating, giving customers confidence about the hygienic way in which food is kept and prepared, are:

Ye Olde Red Lion, Donington Road, Bicker; Los Buritos, 3 Church Street, Boston; Carlton Road Youth Club, Boston; White Gables, 21 Willington Road, Kirton; Quayside Hotel and Bar, 6 London Road, Boston (pictured) ; Ocean, 57 West Street, Boston; Boston West End Bowling Club, Princess Street, Boston; Piz Bernina Market, 55 West Street, Boston; Bode, 92 High Street, Boston; Andrew Beeson Butchers, 2 Eastwood Road, Boston.