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Can you dig it?

Boston, that is... anyone can join in the Hanse Big Dig, and at the event launch at the town's historic Guildhall more information was given about the planned ambitious search for the 14th century Hanseatic warehouse.

More than 70 people attended the launch when Mike Peberdy, archaeology lead, outlined the purpose of the dig being planned for May and the history of that  important medieval period. 

Lydia Hendry, from Archaeology Project Services, explained how schools and local residents can get involved. The Knights of Skirbeck added colour to the occasion.

It is believed the merchants' warehouse - known as steelyard, or stiliard - was sited next to the river, and was a busy trading centre for merchants from across the North Sea when Boston was at the height of its powers.

Free supervision and training will be given to volunteer archaeologists who want to join the dig.

Find out more or get involved at or email them on    

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Alison Fairman, Boston Hanse Group Chairman, Mike Peberdy and Lydia Hendry

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Boston's answer to Game of Thrones, The Knights of Skirbeck medieval re-enactment group members led by Sir Bryan of Skirbeck, left