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Council tax: You will pay less than 11p a week more

Boston Borough Council has agreed an increase in its share of council tax for 2019/20 of 2.99 per cent - an annual increase of just £5.49 for a band D property, or less than 11p a week. But almost 90 per cent of households will pay less.

Councillors were critical of other increases to be included as part of council tax bills -  11 per cent by the police and crime commissioner and 4.95 per cent by Lincolnshire County Council. Some called for the police and crime commissioner to meet with them to explain the increase.

Of the total, only 11p in every £1 collected is Boston Borough Council's element, and this includes the levy that the borough has to pay to the local internal drainage boards, which totals over half of the 11p.

Boston Borough Council's core spending power has reduced over the four years to 2019/20 by 20 per cent

Your council tax bill will also include an amount for your parish council, or for Boston Town Area Committee (BTAC) if you live in a town ward.

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11p - almost 90 per cent of households will pay Boston Borough Council less than this in 2019/20. The borough council keeps just 11p in every £ of council tax collected, and then has to pay more than half of that to the internal drainage boards.