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Waste Collection Service Standards

We will strive to divert the maximum volume of waste collected from domestic premises to either recycling or composting, rather than landfill, by maximising the range of materials that can be segregated from the residual waste stream.

We will provide an alternate-weekly collection of Waste and Dry Recyclables to every household in the Borough, from the kerbside, on a prescribed day.

We request that all containers be placed at the kerbside by 05:30 on collection day and should any container be missed by the collection crew, we give an assurance that a retrospective collection will be carried out as soon as practicable after, this failure has been notified.

We will notify householders of any changes to prescribed collection days for Public Holidays or during the Christmas and New Year period, for example, in advance of these changes, by leaflet, sticker, on the council's website and through the local media.

We will issue to each household, prescribed containers for the waste, free of charge. These containers will be either individual or communal wheeled bins or plastic bags.

We will supply on a quarterly basis a supply of plastic bags for refuse and recycling, free of charge, to each qualifying property where there is no space for bins.

We will issue additional bags for recycling free of charge on request by a householder.  These bags should not be used to bag the waste or to be used as bin liners, the recycling should be placed loosely in the bin.  Such bags are available by post, from the refuse collection vehicles, or in person from the Fen Road depot

We will provide replacement containers as soon as is practicable after notification, where wheeled bins are damaged, lost or stolen and will collect any bagged waste/recyclables from the household in the interim.

We will detail on the council's website, on enquiry and via leaflet, lists of recyclables that can be deposited in the recycling containers and will advertise any changes to these in the same manner, as the service develops.

We will collect additional recyclable materials left at the kerbside beside the wheeled bin if these are either in the prescribed bags or presented in a way that can be easily handled by the collectors.

We will reserve the right not to empty residual waste bins where they have been overfilled with soil, concrete or hardcore.

We will reserve the right not to empty recycling bins where, following inspection by the collection crews, they contain items which are clearly prohibited from the stream, namely biodegradable waste including food and green waste, clothing, electrical goods and other prohibited waste items. Such material will cause contamination issues to the load.

We will provide an assisted collection service for any resident who has difficulty in the presentation of their containers, providing no one else lives in the property.

We will provide additional waste and recycling containers to properties where residents are genuinely unable to manage with one container.  Before issuing additional containers we will discuss and offer advice on effective waste management with the householder. Please contact us if you would like to request an additional container.

We will provide additional waste containers to residents for the containment of low level clinical waste on request.

We will provide a collection of bulky waste items from householders on payment of a prescribed charge, we collect on an area system but will collect as soon as is practicable.

We will offer a collection of accumulations of waste from residents, based on a quotation system.

We will provide recycling bring sites at advertised locations around the borough to allow for the disposal of a range of recyclables, such as glass, paper/card, cans, clothing and books.

We will offer a commercial waste service at prescribed charges to businesses, on request and will provide the necessary containers to allow for the maximum diversion of this waste from landfill for recycling.

We will seek to minimise the landfill of waste arising from the overall operation of the borough council, by segregating all Municipal Waste to ensure that recycling and composting is maximised.