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Clinical Waste

We collect low level clinical waste from your green wheeled bin.

What is Clinical Waste?

Clinical waste is waste that arises from the treatment of humans or animals that can cause infection or harm. Types of clinical waste include:

Disposal of Clinical Waste

Clinical waste can be produced in private households by patients who treat themselves or who have a carer visit them at home.

Our refuse team will collect incontinence pads and dressings from your green wheeled bin only. If you find that your green bin is always full or overflowing before your collection day due to clinical waste then you can apply for a second wheeled bin by emailing: or by calling our Customer Services Team on 01205 314200.

Syringes and Needles

Syringes and needles must NOT be disposed of with your normal domestic waste as it may cause harm to the refuse loaders when collecting your waste. You can call any local pharmacies or hospitals and they will provide you with a sharps container where you dispose of your syringes/needles. Once this is full, you can then bring your full container to the Municipal Buildings on West Street, Boston where we will then correctly dispose of it for you.

For more information, please call our Customer Services Team on 01205 314200