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Jubilee fountain vandalised

Vandalism in Boston's showpiece Central Park has dipped to a new low after youths damaged the Queen's Diamond Jubilee fountain.

The damage is the latest in what has become a daily catalogue of mindless vandalism.

The fountain, which was only officially switched on during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Big Picnic in the Park on Bank Holiday Monday, became unsafe after teenagers climbed onto it and rocked it loose.

Two girls, aged about 13, were seen climbing onto the upper two tiers. They rocked backwards and forwards until the mortared joints broke and the fountain became unstable. Parks staff had to take the structure down as far as the base pool in order to make it safe.

The fountain had already suffered some cosmetic damage after stones were thrown at it and the water had been muddied by clods of earth being pelted into it.

Now an appeal has been issued for help in catching the culprits and for the public, and those who live near the park, to help in its future protection.

Cllr Yvonne Gunter, Boston Borough Council's portfolio holder for parks and open spaces, said: "The parks staff have done their very best to prevent this, but they cannot be everywhere all the time. They all work really hard to keep the park as nice as it can be and are proud of it, but their spirits are down because of the destructive actions of a few."

She urged anyone with information about damage to the fountain, and any vandalism in Central Park, to contact the police.

Cllr Gunter, who initiated the installation and, with Boston Mayor Cllr Colin Brotherton, officially switched the fountain on, said: "It saddens me that someone would want to damage the fountain which was there for people to enjoy and remind them of our Queen's diamond jubilee."

She said information had already been received from two witnesses and CCTV footage is now being checked.

Cllr Gunter said consideration would now be given to a more secure location where the fountain can be re-erected. She said its former site at the centre of the Jubilee Garden in Central Park would be occupied by some other lasting tribute to The Queen.

Kevin Field, grounds staff chargehand, said vandalism in the park was committed on an almost daily basis. Lavender plants had been torn out and thrown into the fountain and flowers were ripped up. Some were stolen and some were just damaged.

He said youths had been seen climbing the fountain on Wednesday night and checks on Thursday morning revealed some movement in the structure. Further investigations showed that the top two tiers had "snapped off" and were being held in position under their own weight.

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Jubilee fountain in all it's glory prior to the vandalism taking place