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Proud days for Jamaica

Jamaican Lancelot (Mac) McFayden was the proudest man in Boston on Monday.

Usain Bolt had won gold for his blistering 100 metres at the London Olympics and Lancelot was handing over the Jamaican flag to the Mayor to be flown over Boston to mark the 50th anniversary of his home country's independence.

Lancelot (85), known as Mac, watched the 100 metres at home in Boston's Eastwood Road with his wife, Molly, who said he was so excited he was out of his armchair and practically in the TV in the few seconds it took the planet's fastest man to cross the line.

And then on Monday he had the honour of handing Jamaica's flag to Boston Mayor, Cllr Colin Brotherton, on behalf of the Jamaican High Commission, to be flown from the Assembly Rooms to mark Jamaica's anniversary of independence.

Mac joked that Bostonians would think it was being flown in honour of Usain Bolt's victory.

    Flag flying (2)    Mac hails from Clarendon in mid-Jamaica, but came to England in 1944 when he joined the RAF. It was while he was stationed at RAF Coningsby in 1947 that he met Boston born and bred Molly at a dance at the base that he had organised. The couple celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary last August.

After postings all over the world with the RAF, Mac retired and then spent ten years in London working for Grand Metropolitan before coming back to settle in Boston.

"I have always liked Boston," said Mac, who added that he was so proud to be Jamaican when he watched Usain Bolt and fellow Jamaican, Yohan Blake, take gold and silver.