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Knights fought ferociously at Fydell house

They were mad, bad and dangerous to know, and you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of them.

Stood guarding the prized weaponary  

 A Knight of Skirbeck stands guard over prized weaponry.

The ferocious Knights of Skirbeck were again engaged in mortal combat in Boston this week (Wednesday and Thursday, August 8 and 9)

The Knights of Skirbeck are a battle re-enactment group based in Boston. And Boston's Guildhall, built in the 1390s, and next door 17th century Fydell House, provided the perfect backdrop for the Knights to give visitors a taste of what life was like during medieval times (1399-1466)    

                                                                                Children shown the medival ways  

Ria Keirslake (8), Louise Noakes (8) and Jayden Evans are shown the medival way of preparing flour.

There were various displays including,food/cookery, flour making, clothes, games, crafts, a wise woman and her remedies, medieval surgeons' tools, armour and weapons. Demonstrations of the medieval way off life took place and visitors were able to try their hand at various activities, including grinding flour in the traditional medieval way.

Knight shown no mercy as he tries to scramble to safety Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window       A defeated knight shown no mercy as he tries to scramble to safety.

The Knights in full armour gave the public the chance to ask any questions they had then went next door to Fydell House to give a captivating display of combat, each challenging the other to go head-to-head in thrilling battles, where they tried to obliterate their opponent using all the weapons they had at their disposal which included, swords, battle axes and spears. Demonstrating some silky skills they fought tooth and nail until finally someone was overcome by the more skilled opponent to then be taken on by the next challenger. During the battles the knights explained to the public the different weapons and techniques they were using.

Luke Skerritt, Boston Borough Council's principal museum, arts and heritage officer, said a combination of "magic" medieval swords on display at the Guildhall Museum and the two-day appearance of the sword-wielding Knights had boosted visitor numbers, with more than 200 coming through the doors.

"We have had many family groups and lots of excited children. The Knights now come to us once or twice every year - they find it worthwhile coming and we are pleased to accommodate them. They are such a regular fixture that visitors now come when they know they will be here."