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Oo-er missus! Monthly check could save your life

It sounds naughty, and, if truth be told, there are not many circumstances where, in polite company, you could get away with using a phrase such as "boobs and balls".

Titter ye not at the back there. This is serious. DEADLY serious. Boston Borough Council staff are getting behind a campaign to highlight early diagnosis of two of the big five cancers - breast and testicular cancer.

 Check monthly... it could save your life. From left: Louise Irving, Howard Williams and Paul Chester help promote the boobs and balls campaign.

They are joining forces with the Macmillan and NHS Public Health-funded EPOC Programme - Early Presentation Of Cancer - to encourage self-awareness in the... B and B department.

Mrs Louise Irving, EPOC development worker and colleagues will attend a concert for cancer research charities being staged by Boston Borough Council colleagues Howard Williams and Paul Chester to encourage, in a fun, but non-smutty way, self checking for what could be ominously tell-tale lumps and bumps.

They will have potentially life-saving advice, literature and self-help guides to hand out as well as boob and balls prosthesis for concert-goers to have their own try at searching for lumps.

Louise and her team will also attend Freshers' week at Boston College on September 4 and 5 to spread the word.

Louise explained that breast and testicular cancer are among the big five cancers which also include bowel, cervical and lung cancers.

Top of this league table in the Boston area is breast cancer because of the age of the population and lifestyle choices, such as smoking, drinking and lack of exercise.

But Louise emphasised: "Early presentation can make such a difference to the prognosis. We want to get people discussing the issue in more detail, getting over any embarrassment, getting into a routine of checking themselves, becoming more familiar with their own bodies so they can quickly detect any changes and take themselves off to their doctor at the earliest possible opportunity

The Boobs and Balls campaign aims to encourage young men and women to get into the habit of checking their own bodies so they can easily recognise any changes and then go straight to their doctor.

Louise stressed: "No one should ever feel they are being a nuisance to their GP. In most cases there will turn out to be nothing to worry about. But if there is something requiring further investigation the patient should be able to see a consultant within two weeks."

You can registe to receive a monthly text message to remind you to do your checks.

The concert for Cancer Research Charities takes place on Saturday, November 3, from 7pm until 1am at Hubberts Bridge Community Centre, Langrick Road, PE20 3SG.

Paul has re-formed the popular rock and pop classics band Magic44 for the event, which will include other acts and a firework finale.

Tickets, £15 each, which includes a fish and chip supper and dessert are available now from S&A Petfoods, 21 Dolphin Lane, Boston, or by calling Paul on 07545 115 717