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Ernie Robinson photos - new selection on show

The second instalment of photographs taken in and around Boston over the past 40 years by the late Ernie Robinson are now on display at the borough council's offices in West Street.

Mr Robinson recorded a social history of Boston as he went about his business as freelance commercial photographer.

For more than 40 years he worked for the Boston Target and the Boston Standard newspapers. Ernie died at the end of September last year just after his 69th birthday and that was when relatives discovered a treasure trove of photographs stored in a spare bedroom at his home.

Boston Borough Council was contacted via senior reporter Graeme Holmes, of the Boston Target, when Mr Robinson's family asked what useful purpose the archive could be put to.

The council was pleased to accept the pictures, and a second selection are now on display in the atrium display area at the council's Municipal Buildings.

The Ernie Robinson Collection features events and faces from Boston's past, reaching back to the 1970s.

You may spot yourself in the crowd, or someone you know. And the pictures may jog fond memories of times past.

All of Mr Robinson's photographic record will go into the Guildhall's archives, providing useful research material for students of Boston's past.