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Painting the town... green!

All that glitters is not gold... it's green. Just ask Boston Greenscapers

Like wild west panhandlers they have pioneered their way from nothing and nowhere to uncover treasure. In double quick time and with little resource they have proved themselves to be a force of nature - scooping up a top award in the process.

Bloomin' great - with their It's Your Neighbourhood award, Greenscapers from left, Rob Lauberts, Rachel Lauberts, Anne-Marie Mills, Peter Mills and, front, Brian Wilkinson.

The Greenscapers, a team of volunteer gardeners who help improve and tidy areas of the town, achieved a level three award in the It's Your Neighbourhood Campaign as part of Boston's first-time entry into the Britain in Bloom Awards. The maximum award for this is a level five.

Greenscapers at work

Digging the good life - at home on the allotment where Greenscapers get to work in preparation for next year.

And now they are drunk with success and ready to take their campaign to green up the town to new heights. And their secret weapon? They have an allotment and a greenhouse. There'll be no stopping them now.

Their allotment, rented from Boston Borough Council and on the cuckoo land allotment site at Wyberton, is now a focus of attention in readiness for the next growing season. The Greenscapers plan to raise new stock at the allotment for planting out later in and around the town.

They already have plans to take over the neighbouring vacant allotment and have launched all-comers' gardening sessions on Monday afternoons from 1.30pm to 4pm, meeting at the Geoff Moulder Leisure Complex. These community gardening sessions will go on into the spring and you don't have to be a gardener to join in. If you are interested contact Rob or Rachel Lauberts on 01205 312876 or email

Greenscapers, shed, glasshouse

Rob and Rachel turned out for a late afternoon session on the allotment with fellow Greenscapers Anne-Marie Mills, Peter Mills and Brian Wilkinson.

Rachel explained the Greenscapers evolved from a Placecheck project for the Main Ridge area where, among the focus of their first attentions, was a clean-up of the Burgess Pit play area and weeding and planting along John Adams Way.

Rob added that they soon realised they had something special going, with a team of hard-working and dedicated volunteers prepared to pitch in to make not just Main Ridge but Boston a better place.

As an important part of the Boston in Bloom 2012 project they used some grant money from the community growing programme (Grow2Eat) to equip themselves, planted bulbs gifted by Asda, sowed wild flower seeds donated by Boston Seeds, grew their own plants and begged and borrowed others to set out, weeded, litter-picked and generally tidied their way around town.

Rob said: "We hadn't had the allotment very long and didn't think we really had that much to impress with when the in-bloom judges came here. They also saw the results of our labours around town, but we were amazed to do so well in the first year."

All agreed on the positive effects of time spent on the allotment - meeting with like-minded individuals, camaraderie between allotment holders, caring and sharing, fresh air, healthy exercise, satisfaction and the added bonus of beautiful blooms and fruit and vegetables taken straight from gate to plate.

There are some allotments now available at very low annual rents. Boston Borough Council's allotment sites are at Spilsby Road, Toot Lane, Willoughby Road, Tattershall Road  and Wyberton Low Road (cuckoo land ).

Rents are £11.50 for 150 square yards, £23 for 300 square yards and £46 for 600 square yards. There is a rent increase due next year. There is a one-off admin charge for new tenants of £3.

Water is available on all sites, and there is no additional charge for this.

If you wish to apply for an allotment you can phone 01205 314583 or email: or write to: Allotments, Boston Borough Council, Municipal Buildings, West Street, Boston, Lincolnshire PE21 8QR.

Anyone over the age of 18 who is resident within the borough can apply.