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Have your say on population change report

Public comment is being urged after the efforts of experts who gathered over a four-month period to give evidence about Boston's population increase.

Their report - Social Impact of Population Change in Boston - was published last Wednesday (October 3) and received immediate attention nationwide, including comments from Prime Minister David Cameron.

But YOU, the residents of Boston, are the people the group which carried out the inquiry most want to hear from now.

Boston Borough Council task and finish group chairman, Cllr Paul Kenny, said: "Information, facts, detail, opinion, views, conclusions and recommendations are all now down in black and white for all to see and read and consider.

"But this report is not the end of this process - it's only the beginning. We now want to hear a response from the ordinary people of Boston and the borough. We want your information, facts, detail, opinion, views, conclusions and recommendations.

"This document will be influential - it has already attracted interest at the highest level, so your views will really count. This is the best opportunity you will have to record in a place which really matters what you really think about Boston today and for the future. The final report will be read at regional, national and international level by those in authority who really have the power to make changes.

"Please read the report and then make your views known - whether you agree or disagree. It's vital we have the final piece of this intricate and complex puzzle in place."

The draft report and its 28 recommendations deal with such issues as street drinking, anti-social behaviour, illegal vehicles, sale of alcohol, deportation, additional EU funding, licensing all Houses of Multiple Occupation, access to work and impacts on all sections of the community.

Evidence and information was gathered by the task and finish group from the police, employers, educators, the press, other councils in Lincolnshire, the MP, council enforcement and health departments and experts on migration and population change. It is available on the Boston Borough Council website.

The report will next be considered by the borough council's corporate and community committee on Thursday, October 18. Members of the public have been welcomed to attend the meeting, but the rules only permit for them to listen and not take part.

However, the chairman has decided to waive the normal rules and there will be a period during the meeting when members of the public can ask questions and present comments to the committee as long as the questions and comments have been submitted in advance. Questions and comments not submitted in advance will not be permitted.

Please submit your questions and comments in writing or by email no later than 5pm on Monday, October 15. Include your name and address and make your point as briefly as possible.

To submit questions and comments or obtain further information, please contact or write to: Ms J. Collier, Democratic Services, Municipal Buildings, West Street, Boston, PE21 8QR.

A questioner who has put a question in person may also put one supplementary question, without notice, to the person who has replied to his or her original question. The supplementary question must arise directly out of the original question or reply. 

Any question that cannot be dealt with during the meeting, either because of lack of time or because of the non-attendance of the person to whom it was to be put, will be dealt with by a written answer within seven working days of the meeting.