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Council helps silence siren

Councillors and staff from Boston Borough Council were involved in the early hours of Sunday in getting a flood warning siren silenced when it went off accidentally. The siren is the responsibility of Lincolnshire County Council which has made an unreserved apology to people in Boston who were kept awake.

At least two borough councillors and four members of staff were alerted and made efforts to facilitate access to the water tower in Horncastle Road so that the siren could be switched off.  They were in contact with the police, the Environment Agency, Anglian Water and Lincolnshire County Council.

The tower is now in private ownership and the owner, who doesn't live at the tower but lives in Boston, was located so access could be gained to turn the rooftop siren off.

The borough council was first contacted at 4am, and worked until 8.15am to silence the alarm, which should have been decommissioned some years ago when the water tower first passed to private ownership.