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Victory in Wormgate after 25-year campaign

A 25-year campaign to put a stop to rat-running traffic through Boston's Wormgate has ended in success.

Wormgate traders celebrate as new traffic-control bollards go in. May Gurney workers Martin Dunne, left, and Peter Smith, complete installation.

On Tuesday contractors from May Gurney put the finishing touches to a Lincolnshire County Council highways scheme to install bollards near the junction with Fountain Lane.

One of the campaigners, Jo Christmas, of Bizzarro's restaurant in Wormgate, said the community was delighted that there would be an end to unauthorised traffic using the narrow road.

The bollards enforce existing legislation which had been ignored by many which permitted vehicular access only.

Jo said: "It will be much more pleasant for potential customers to browse and much safer."

She praised the contractors who had also rectified some drainage problems. In the past vehicles had splashed water onto shop frontages from large puddles which accumulated in the road.

Jo added: "A big thank you from all in Wormgate to Cllr Carol Taylor - we are all of the opinion that we wouldn't have got here without her."

Improved signage will warn motorists that Wormgate is a no-through road and a pedestrianised area. Delivery vehicles will be able to access the road from Red Lion Street and use a turning bay at the junction with Fountain Lane just before the bollards.

Goodbarn's Yard pub and Ellis Removals have keys to the bollards to allow access by their larger vehicles.

Drivers are reminded that the junction of Wormgate with Fountain Lane is a no-parking area and offenders risk a £70 fine.