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Flying the flags for Boston

Flags will continue to fly for civic occasions and at times of public celebration over the Assembly Rooms in Boston as they always have, despite a change of ownership.

Matt Clark, new owner of the Assembly Rooms, who, with his father, Dave, braved rain and wind on Thursday to climb onto the roof to fly the Union flag for Christmas in Boston

New owner, businessman Matt Clark, gave an undertaking to Boston Borough Council at the time of the sale of the building that he would continue to "fly the flag".

Mr Clark said: "I stressed at the time of the handover that I wanted to see a continuation of community uses at the Assembly Rooms, and this includes use of the flagpole.

"I have said on many public forums that the flagpole is not lost and will not be.  I am very happy in continuing to fly any flag that the council would like.

"I am determined that the new future for the Assembly Rooms will keep it at the heart of the community, dominating, as it does, the Market Place. I have always accepted that there would be no more appropriate place, at the very heart of the town, for flags to be flown that can easily be seen and admired by all.

"I am very much a traditionalist and take great pride in our heritage and different cultures and will support these in Boston as best I am able."

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Cllr Peter Bedford, leader of Boston Borough Council, said: "When we began negotiations with Mr Clark he made it known at the outset that the Assembly Rooms would continue to play an important part in the life of the town. This was important to us. He has made no secret of his support for community uses and it went without saying, we thought, that this would include public use of the flagpole, which the council is obviously very pleased to support."

Over the Christmas period the Union flag will be flown.