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Businesses, think giving not dumping

Boston Borough Council is backing the work of Giving World, a charity which makes use of products which otherwise would end up being dumped.

Giving World puts businesses in touch with charities which can make good use of items which would otherwise be sent to landfill.

The Lincolnshire Waste Partnership backs Giving World, and the borough council, a member of the partnership, has agreed to help put businesses in touch with the charity.

Every day millions of people and families struggle to afford basic life essentials such as food, clothing and toiletries, while thousands of UK charities and grassroots community groups struggle to deliver valuable services.

Giving World is designed to allow businesses to redirect surplus goods into their local communities, through a network of charities and community groups, providing much-needed resources and making a meaningful difference to the lives of vulnerable and isolated people. Businesses benefit by reducing the amount of surplus stock they send to landfill as well as any costs they may incur for storage

Surplus and excess items often include those which:

- Are created as a result of cancelled orders/contracts where the cost of re-working is uneconomical;

- Surplus items that accumulate over a period of time and no longer required (eg office furniture, stationery, paper etc);

- Unwanted promotional/sample items;

- Items made as part of the manufacturing process which would otherwise be disposed of, but which can be bagged and donated loose;

- End-of-line/unsold/last years' fashion items.

The scheme is designed so that the donor and beneficiary arrange the logistics directly, ensuring the goods are not transported to a holding warehouse.

In 2012 Giving World found new homes for 430 tonnes of business excess stock and equipment, improving the lives of more than 200,000 people at home and abroad.

And there may be a saving for businesses in disposal costs with the free service to redirect their unwanted goods into local communities.

A major challenge for all councils is to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill, which is expensive and environmentally unfriendly.

Sujata Bhalla, Director at Giving World said: "We look forward to working with Boston Borough Council, to build strong relationships with businesses and charities in the area over the coming months. With 15 per cent of children in Lincolnshire living in poverty, we hope to not only reduce waste to landfill but also help local communities access the basic life essentials they need."

Sujata explained that Giving World works with bona-fide charities and part of their contract of receiving goods from them is that they must never be sold or traded.

"By donating through our simple and free-to-use service, you can rest assured your unwanted items will go directly to people in need, making a real difference in their lives," she said

So, if you are stocktaking now, or later in the year, and come across redundant goods, please get in touch with Bindu on 0116 251 6205 or email

You can also register your donation of your unwanted/surplus items at