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Council report praised on TV's Question Time

Boston Borough Council's report into the impact on the town of population change received praise on national television last night.

During a debate about migrant workers BBC's Question Time, broadcast from Lincoln, was told by panel member, Professor of Classics at Cambridge University, Mary Beard, "the most impressive single document that I have read on this issue comes from Boston Council".

She said: "It looks very carefully at the changes which have been happening in Boston over the past ten years. It identifies particular management issues with an influx of any kind of population..."

Chairman, veteran broadcaster David Dimbleby, conducted a debate mainly around Britain's future in Europe, but a large part of the programme was taken up with discussions about the impact migrant workers have had, especially in the Boston area. Members of the public from the Boston area were in the audience and asked questions.

To see the programme go to

The debate about Boston begins at 22.22.

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