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Mayor's marathon man

Keep your eyes peeled when you watch the London Marathon on TV in April. Watch out for marathon man Shea Holland, who will be sporting a T-shirt declaring his support for the Butterfly Hospice and Boston Mayor's charities.

Boston Mayor Cllr Colin Brotherton sets London Marathon runner Shea Holland off on his latest training run from Boston Borough Council offices in West Street.

Shea (28), of Tower Road, Boston, has been accepted for his first full marathon and is now in serious training for the London run on April 21.

He said: "The London Marathon is a global event and people run it to help all sorts of world charities, but I thought it would be good to keep it local and raise money for local good causes here in Boston."

He was praised by Boston Mayor, Cllr Colin Brotherton, who waved Shea off on a training run from Municipal Buildings on Friday (January 18). He said: "I don't think the Mayor's charities have ever had support from a London Marathon runner before. Shea has been training really hard and I hope plenty of people will get behind him and offer him sponsorship."

The charities to benefit will be the Butterfly Hospice, St Barnabas Hospice, Boston Branch, and DOCATEF (Detection of Cancer and Treatment Equipment Fund). Shea, partner to Siobhan and full-time father to Codi-Leigh (11), Leo (6), Oscar (4) and Kimi (2) is a qualified fitness instructor and is training to be a personal trainer at the Peter Paine Sports Centre in Boston. He has completed some 10k runs and will run the Adidas half marathon around the F1 Silverstone track on March 3 in aid of Butterfly Hospice.

Since December he has completed 164 miles of road training, some of it in temperatures down to -7C... with frost in his hair.

Cllr Carol Taylor is "promoting" Shea with specially-printed T-shirts on order for his London Marathon run publicising Butterfly Hospice and the Boston Mayor's charities.

She said: "When I discovered that Shea was running the marathon for Butterfly Hospice, I asked if he would consider making the Mayor's charities as his other donation, especially as they were the same theme - cancer prevention, detection and palliative care."

If you want to help Shea support the Butterfly Hospice you can make a donation via or email him at

If you want to help Shea support the Mayor's Charities - St Barnabas Hospice, Boston Branch, and DOCATEF (Detection of Cancer and Treatment Equipment Fund) - contact Alison Hull, the council's civic and member services officer on 01205 314511 or email her at

Or you can do both!