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Police commissioner backs council report

Boston Borough Council's report into the impact of migrant workers has received praise from the county's new police and crime commissioner.

Alan Hardwick, for most of his working life a newspaper and TV journalist, told a private meeting with councillors on Thursday night that it was the best council report he had ever read.

He said: "I have read lots of council reports and this was a revelation to me. It is the first council report I have ever read which actually, in plain English, defuses and throws a light on a situation which many people who don't know Boston and look at it from the outside think is potentially explosive.

"I found the report not only well presented and well written but eminently sensible. You did in one what it would take central Government a long time to do. Congratulations. You have dealt with your influx of migrants in an exemplary way."

He pledged his full support for the aims of the council contained in the report and said it was important the police played their part and were seen to play their part.

A full and frank question-and-answer session followed dealing with measures to curb street drinking, anti-social behaviour, limits on numbers of off-licences, support for the council's CCTV system in its crime-fighting role, spitting, urinating and littering in the street, increased powers and numbers of PCSOs, Special Constables and more community volunteers to help the police, youth crime, local applications of the Localism Act and the Sustainable Communities Act and more police presence throughout the area.

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Peter Bedford and Alan Hardwick

Boston Borough Council leader, Cllr Peter Bedford, left, discusses the council's population change report with new Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick