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CCTV upgrade will reduce costs

Boston's CCTV system - recognised as one of the best in the county - is set for an upgrade to make it even better, and save cash.

The system operated by Boston Borough Council was state-of-the-art when it was installed in 1996, but has only had one small tweak since, in 2005 when recording switched from video to digital.

Now it is to take a giant leap forward with an invest-to-save project which will cost £229,000, but repay in operating and maintenance savings in just three years.

Fibre optics are to be replaced with a wireless system reducing the cost of new cameras, together with their associated installation, running and maintenance costs, from £25,000 each to just £2,000.

Operators based in the CCTV suite at Municipal Buildings in Boston monitor 81 cameras providing 365-day round-the-clock security. New cameras will be much less obtrusive but provide better optical clarity, delivering high-definition images. The system will be much more flexible, with a capacity to triple in size, and the reduced cost will make it more attractive for private businesses to join it and improve their security.

Groups of business, such as on a trading estate, should contact CCTV manager Andy Haw on 01205 314498, for more information. Or email

Cllr Stephen Woodliffe, portfolio holder for CCTV, said: "This project represents a major investment by Boston's Conservative administration in improving the security and welfare of our borough.

"I am pleased that the project has received enthusiastic support from the council as a whole. It is always good to see councillors working together for the benefit of the borough."

He praised the competence and dedication of the staff who operate the service.  

He added: "It is worth noting that some councils have chosen to balance their budgets by closing down their CCTV service, but Boston's Conservative administration is not prepared to compromise the safety and security of our borough."

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A computerised image showing how Boston's new-look CCTV suite will look after its upgrade