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Just about ready for the bloomin' judges

Plans for Boston's in-bloom 2013 campaign are in their final stages with judging just around the corner.

Volunteer Greenscaper gardener Rachel Lauberts plants up Custom House Quay

A number of projects are now complete or underway, ready for the visit by Britain-in-Bloom judges on Monday, July 8.

There has been an expansion of planters in the town centre including four promenade planters in Strait Bargate, repainting of street furniture, the facelift of Custom House Quay, greening of Wormgate and paving of two areas at Park Gate.

The Boston-in-Bloom committee has now issued a last-minute appeal for everyone to do their bit to make sure their part of Boston is clean and tidy and ready to impress the judges, especially those on the judging route - Sleaford Road, Lister Way, around Grand Sluice, Wormgate and the town centre.

A plea has also been issued for people to respect the hard work of volunteers and Boston Borough Council's parks team. Sadly some plants in the public displays have been vandalised or stolen.

Businesses which have backed Boston-in-Bloom's 2013 effort have been praised by organisers. Chairman, Boston BID manager Niall Armstrong said 95 hanging baskets are to be installed at business premises.

Some have made their own arrangements to add to the town centre's floral display, including Pescod Square and the Waterfront pub, which is to display ten hanging baskets and 50 feet of planted troughs.

One of the town's major in-bloom projects has been a clean-up of Custom House Quay, and a massive ex-Trinity House buoy is to be placed there to reflect the area's maritime connections, subject to Environment Agency approval.

The buoy, measuring six feet by six feet and weighing around two tonnes, has been made available at a substantial discount by Mr Richard Walker, Harbour Master at the Port of Boston. Funding for the navigation buoy is to be provided by Boston BID. The buoy dates back to around 1950 and was last used in The Wash to guide ships through the deep-water Parlour Channel.

A former dinghy is also to be placed on the quay, filled with coastal-loving plants.

Buoy BIB 2013 Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window

The Wash navigation buoy which will be repainted and placed on Custom House Quay as a reminder of Boston's connection with the sea

Provide a home for birds and bats

Bird lovers can do their bit to help provide nesting and roosting sites and help Boston-in-bloom at the same time.

Boston's in-bloom organising committee has hatched a scheme where those who want to care for our feathered friends can sponsor a bird or bat box.

For a one-off charge of £4 a bird or bat box will be provided. Prisoners at HM Prison North Sea Camp are building the boxes, suitable for a variety of birds and as roosting sites for bats.

Sponsors will also receive a guide to the types of birds which may be attracted to their box. The guide has been beautifully illustrated by artist Mrs Margaret Cooper.

Sponsors will be helping halt a serious countrywide decline in the numbers of many birds suffering loss of nesting sites through man-made changes in habitat, such as hedgerows being grubbed up.

If you are interested in sponsoring a box please contact Ian Farmer on 01205 314225 or email