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Financial help from Lincolnshire Credit Union

Is the introduction of universal credit causing you to worry about how you are going to manage your finances?

Don't Worry, help is at hand with the Lincolnshire Credit Union's new START ACCOUNT.

The smart way to manage your priority bills.

Who is it for?

Ø Anyone who would like help managing their budget and making sure their priority bills are paid

What does it do?

Ø Helps LincUp members organise their priority payments

Ø Prioritise rent and mortgage payments to reduce the risk of eviction

Ø Helps reduce the chance of falling into arrears with utility companies

Ø Remaining funds can be saved or loaded onto a Credit Union Prepaid Card or paid into another bank account.

Ø Contact Linc up, Lincolnshire Credit Union for full terms and conditions.

They also offer:

Ø Safe savings

Ø Affordable loans

Ø Reduced loan interest rates

Ø No early repayment fees

Ø Prepaid card

Ø Budgeting advice

Ø Christmas savings club

Find them at:

Chantry House, 3 Lincoln Lane, Boston PE21 8RU

Every Thursday 10 - 3 pm

Or For More Information visit

Tel: 01522-528886