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Plan to make Central Park even better

Boston's Central Park is to look even better with a planned programme of works.

A meeting of the Central Panel on Tuesday (August 6) heard from Cllr Yvonne Gunter, Boston Borough Council portfolio holder for parks and open spaces, that some work had already begun.

She outlined other elements of work, including plans to apply for grant funding to improve the children's play area, a request for improved CCTV cover, enforcement training for grounds staff and cutting back of shrubbery in an effort to reduce opportunities for some to use areas as a toilet.

Some panel members had raised concerns about maintenance in Central Park. They met with Cllr Gunter, ward councillors Cllr Mary Wright and Cllr Carol Taylor and park groundsman John Dyson to discuss their concerns.

They were pleased to hear that volunteers had been recruited to help in the community garden in Central Park, that banking adjacent to the bowling green was to be grass seeded in the Autumn to aid efficient management, flower bed weeding had already taken place, planting was to be cut back in areas being used as toilets and litter and cigarette ends had been cleaned up near the seated areas. Police assistance has been requested to deal with anti-social behaviour.

Cllr Gunter said the park was now looking good, but agreed with one speaker at the meeting who said it would never be possible to have it perfect all of the time.

She said: "The grounds staff have a lot to do, especially this time of year. They always do their best and care about Central Park as much as they do their own gardens. The staff spend hours each day picking up litter which is such a shame when there are 31 litter bins in the park, many located next to every seating area."

Cllr Wright added: "The vast majority of people who use Central Park enjoy it and behave properly and responsibly. It is a shame that there is a small minority who do not and add to the workload, taking staff away from the more routine maintenance which keeps everything looking good. People should be aware that litter includes cigarette ends and, while we don't want to be killjoys park users should be aware that they could face a £75 fine for any littering."

Cllr Taylor said: "Central Park is an area Boston can be proud of - it's a beautiful green oasis close to the town centre that everyone can enjoy. It is encouraging to hear that people care so much about it. We can all help to keep it looking good for the benefit of us all."

A questionnaire is to be distributed at the Community Showcase event on Sunday, September 8, to find out how people could enjoy their visits to Central Park even more.