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Should bus station shelters be removed?

Vandalised, covered in graffiti, dirty, smelly, weather worn, past their sell-by date and unwelcoming to visitors - that's the assessment of the town's bus station shelters shared by Boston Borough Council and others.

Dirty, vandalised shelters at Boston bus station. Should they be removed?

Now it has been proposed that the town would look a lot better without them and that they should be removed.

Cllr Derek Richmond, portfolio holder for the town centre, said: "They are in such a mess and not at all pleasant to use. All the panelling which has escaped the work of the vandals and the graffiti yobs is scratched and obscured. It's like standing in a thick fog.

"One of the most unpleasant aspects is that some smell. No, I'd go further - they stink of urine where some habitually use them as toilets. They also provide shelter for those who want to gather and engage in anti-social behaviour. It's intimidating and threatening and not what we want for our residents who use public transport or our visitors, who we want to encourage to come again.

"I am of the opinion that we would just be better off without them. I would be pleased to hear the opinion of others, but I have reached this conclusion after listening to a massive amount of complaints about the bus station."

The council is looking into the possibility of providing two new vandal-resistant shelters on the other side of the road. They would not include seating, so as not to invite congregating drinkers, and provide basic shelter from the weather when waiting for a bus.

Bus shelter 1  Bus shelter 3