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Bike rack reward for community-spirited action

A group of young men on a night out who straightened a town-centre bike rack bent when a car collided with it are to receive official recognition for their community-spirited actions from Boston Borough Council.

Boston Borough Council's CCTV manager Andy Haw shows Martin, centre, and Dean, the full 13-minutes footage of their efforts

Two of the four have already been congratulated by Mayor Cllr Paul Kenny and CCTV and community safety portfolio holder Cllr Stephen Woodliffe.

CCTV footage of the lads unbending the damaged bike rack in South Street, just off the Market Place, went viral when it was released by Boston Borough Council. Within hours it had attracted the attention of national media, radio and television.

Cllr Woodliffe, who met Dean Mason (23) and Martin Griggs (24) on Thursday, remembered teaching both of them maths at Boston Grammar School. He said such public-spirited action demonstrated that young people in the town did good things and they had made him very proud.

Cllr Kenny said he wanted to reward their actions and would consider suitable recognition for Dean and Martin and their friends, Simon McMillan (23) and Dan Butler (23).

A Boston Borough Council CCTV recorded their activities at 3am on a town centre camera when they set about the metal bicycle rack. They used their muscle to unbend the previously-damaged thick metal hoop which had been twisted almost down to the ground.

They wrestled for 13 minutes to straighten the stand, taking great care to be sure, once they got it moving, that they got it perfectly upright.

Dean and Martin, who organised the mass unbending, said: "We had seen the bent bike rack before. We both cycle into town and lock our bikes to the rack.

"We had been out and had a few beers when we thought we could do a good deed and straighten it up. It was too strong for just the two of us, but when we got others to help and worked out a strategy to use our leg and arm muscles we soon got it moving."

Dean said: "I think we did a good job. I suppose the CCTV people and the police are more used to seeing people causing damage - especially after a night out."

Martin added: "It's been unreal since the film went out - we've had Facebook messages and emails and loads of high-fives."

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Reporter Kate Hemingway interviews, from left, Martin, Cllr Woodliffe and Dean for ITV

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Thanks lads - Mayor of Boston Cllr Paul Kenny congratulates Dean while Cllr Stephen Woodliffe thanks Martin