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Two million see council's bike rack repair CCTV film

Boston Borough Council's CCTV-captured video of young men straightening up a damaged bike rack has had more than TWO MILLION viewings around the world.

The BBC You Tube channel has registered more than one-and-a-half million viewings alone. Almost all the major news organisations are featuring the footage supplied by the council and the story has appeared in newspapers and on radio and TV as well as social media sites all over the world.

Two of the team who repaired the bike rack damaged by a car appeared on American chat show Right This Minute, interviewed by Skype, and received applause from the studio.  See

Comments received by the council from readers of the article on the council's website have included: Love this article. Inspiring story. Well done Boston - International superstars! Dwight, Texas; Well done boys! I have two sons in their teens and twenties and would like to think they would do the same. You should be very proud of yourselves and I hope you are suitably rewarded!

And they will be - Dean Mason (23), Martin Griggs (24), Simon McMillan (23) and Dan Butler (23) are to receive a certificate of commendation from Mayor of Boston, Cllr Paul Kenny, at the next full council meeting.

And the owner of the Boston Delight fast-food shop, next to the bike rack in Boston Market Place, has promised all four a slap-up meal as a reward.
A Boston Borough Council CCTV operator recorded their activities at 3am on a town centre camera when they set about the metal bicycle rack. They used their muscle to unbend the previously-damaged thick metal hoop which had been twisted almost down to the ground.

They wrestled for 13 minutes to straighten the stand, taking great care to be sure, once they got it moving, that they got it perfectly upright.

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