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'Best practice' Boston in Parliamentary Review

Boston Borough Council is one of only five local authorities in the country to feature as examples of best practice in a new in-depth magazine landing on the desks of the UK's 60,000 leading chief executives, ministers and opinion formers.

The Parliamentary Review has contributions from some of the biggest names in politics and industry - including Jeremy Hunt and Eric Pickles, chief executives from the Financial Conduct Authority, the Russell Group, the Care Quality Commission and political commentary from leading journalists.
It details how sector leaders have responded to challenges in the political and economic environment.
Boston's contribution covers the thorny issue of immigration and the council's award-winning mission to give all an opportunity to speak out about how population change has impacted the town, its money-saving and efficiency-improving transformation project, partnership working to reopen the training pool and clean up the town through initiatives such as Boston in Bloom and Operation Fly Swat, improvements to the Market Place and the CCTV system.
Council leader, Cllr Peter Bedford, said: "Boston Borough Council's record over the period fitted the best-practice focus of the first Parliamentary Review. We had some difficult issues to deal with, such as the impact on the town and borough of migrant workers, and faced tough challenges around the austerity measures which meant doing more with less. We had success stories to tell - such as partnership working leading to the reopening of the training pool."
Written by industry experts for industry experts, The Parliamentary Review takes the form of ten editions, each focusing on an individual policy area or sector. These include: finance, education, healthcare, higher education, housing, local government, environment, manufacturing, defence, police, fire and justice.
The first edition of The Parliamentary Review reflects on the biggest challenges of the past year with thought-provoking analysis, and robust non-partisan commentary - an essential read for leaders in the business and political communities.
Editor-in-Chief of The Parliamentary Review,the Rt Hon David Curry, said: "The matching of political challenge and business response in the Parliamentary Review is, I believe, an imaginative and challenging formula."
Secretary of State for Local Government, Eric Pickles, said: "In the Department of Communities and Local Government we have spent the last three years pushing power back into the hands of those who should have it - local people; giving them the tools to make changes they want to see in their communities and freeing them from the bureaucracy of red tape. 
"The Parliamentary Review has captured some of these achievements, and also the progress this Government has made on rebuilding the economy, creating jobs, building more houses and improving services. It is a must read for those interested in politics."
Director of The Parliamentary Review, Daniel Yossman, said: "When the UK's Ministers and executives read The Parliamentary Review they will have access to a unique blend of in-depth political analysis from leading commentators, combined with detailed business best practice accounts from their peers - an entertaining, challenging, and informed mix of analysis and insight.
"Our aim for The Parliamentary Review is to produce a thought provoking, useful publication that changes the way you think about and run your business. In our first year we have succeeded in getting high-profile writers and excellent analysis, next year we plan even more."
The Parliamentary Review has also been launched online at