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Everyone living and working in Boston should know that there is the possibility of flooding in all coastal areas of Lincolnshire and that climate change will make this more likely.

In addition to coastal flooding, it is important that residents and businesses appreciate that localised flooding can also occur as a consequence of continuous heavy rain or violent thunder storms.

Regardless of the nature or scale of any potential flooding, all households and businesses are advised to be reasonably prepared to deal with a flooding incident.  Being reasonably prepared doesn't mean spending thousands of pounds to protect everything you own from a catastrophic tidal surge but it does mean preparing a simple flood plan that could help you in the event of any incident.

For example, writing down the name and contact details of your house and contents/business insurers, energy suppliers, landlord, immediate family members and so on could give you and others vital information in the event of you not being able to access your home or business - information such as this can be saved securely on smartphones, webmail or in the cloud so that you can access it anywhere you can use your phone or a computer. It could also mean thinking about the smaller things you could do to try to protect your home or business in the event of low-level flooding, such as keeping a small supply of sharp sand-filled sandbags out of direct sunlight that you could deploy yourself to protect air bricks and door thresholds in an incident.

The Lincolnshire Resilience Forum provides a range of information about how to prepare for emergencies and give lots of sources of information for households and businesses; you can access all of their online resources, including a simple flood plan template at Lincolnshire Prepared

For the avoidance of doubt, in a flooding incident, Boston Borough Council does not supply sandbags, neither empty nor filled, to any resident or business in Boston borough as the responsibility for safeguarding homes and businesses lies with the owner.

If you are a tenant of a housing association or a private landlord, you may wish to contact them directly to see whether they are able to provide any assistance if your home is at immediate risk of being flooded?

If there is time, sandbags and sharp sand are available from many builders' merchants and DIY stores but far better to be prepared and have a supply of sand bags to hand rather than waiting for an emergency to occur.

For reference, information about flood protection products and flood defence packs is published by the National Flood Forum at National Flood Forum

Other organisations such as Lincolnshire County Council, The Environment Agency, your parish council and your internal drainage board may have their own policies and procedures in relation to flooding incidents.

The key message from the borough council to all of its residents and businesses is that flooding is a real issue and you should be reasonably prepared and ready to help yourselves and we would urge all householders and businesses to sign up for the free flooding warnings service, Floodline Warnings Direct, by calling 0845 9881188.